Evergreen Players Opening Tonight, January 14

Paul Sills’ Story Theatre
A Comedy Directed by Meridith Grundei

Jan 14 – Jan 30, 2011

Friday at 7:30 pm
Saturday at 7:30 pm
Sunday at 2:00 pm

Starring: Matt Bachus, Beau Augustin, Bruce Montgomery, Andrea Rabold, Sean Maslow, Len Matheo, Rebecca Donnella, and Jodi Thomas

Transformation, mime, and dance are the basis of the “Story Theatre” method. Story Theatre improvises plays from stories, myths, folk tales, and legends, each told with a lean production style. All the trappings are created by the actors with their bodies and voices. The no-frills storytelling creates some evocative effects.

Tickets and information at http://www.evergreenplayers.org